Software Wizardry - Quality, Service, Experience

TechnoMage is the home of Michael Latta, a freelance developer specializing currently in Rails and iOS development.

I care about building quality software that meets the business need.

My job is to help refine and balance the requirements, cost, and value; to avoid unreasonable cost, or unreasonable requirements. I also seek to improve projects by considering more challenging requirements when justified by generated value.

I had the opportunity to work with Michael for an extended period of time and valued every minute of that time. His professionalism, attention to details, quality of work, and technological vision is unmatched in my experience working with programmers. If you need Rails work done, project management expertise, software architecture development, I would without hesitation recommend Michael as the best I've ever worked with. I knew that when work needed to be done and it was in his project queue that the solutions he developed would be well built, tested, and would not break, and as someone in a position where things can't break, that's a great comfort. I very much hope to partner with Michael again at some point in the future, as he was great to work with personally and professionally.

Jesse Day, Burwell Industries